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Leather dog leash

Are you looking for a leather dog leash? On this page you will find an overview of the different types of leather dog leashes. A dog leash is not only meant to prevent your dog from suddenly getting rid of it. The eye wants something too. What kind of collar fits your dog and your dog is a matter of taste and of course you decide for yourself. However, there are a few things that you can take into account.

Italian nappa leather

Our leather dog leashes are all made of soft Italian Nappa leather. The dog leashes look beautiful and are a handy item to control your dog. Due to the beautiful Italian nappa leather, your dog leash is an accessory for everyday use. This leather dog leash is easy to use and handy for you and your dog.

Why buy a leather dog belt?

As with leather collars, leather leashes are very strong. Due to the oil that separates your hand, the leather becomes smoother as you use the belt. This makes the leash comfortable in your hand and feels comfortable. A leather dog leash looks tired out of care.

Short or long leather dog leash

We sell various lengths of dog leashes. What length you have to buy depends on the age of the dog. For example, if you have a relatively young dog, it's more convenient to buy a short leather leash to teach the dog not to pull the leash. It is recommended to buy a belt of a meter when your dog is up to 1 year old. You can correct him in a friendly manner and this will make sure you are in charge of your dog.

On the other hand, a long leather dog leash will be a little more comfortable for the dog and you as owner. However, your dog will have to listen to you otherwise it's a little harder to correct the dog.

In addition, a leash ensures that your dog does not run away. Something that of course is very important if your dog is not listening to you yet. Besides these features you will of course also want to buy a good looking dog leash. A leather dog leash looks beautiful. In addition, the leather dog leash is handy for keeping the dog in trouble.

A line for dog training

Did you know that the dog collar and running line are an important tool in training your dog? Proper handling of the belt enables you to communicate with your dog. The most suitable for a puppy is a thin collar and leash. This combination is lightweight and allows you to send the puppy softly.

Police dog leash

The police dog leash is ideally suited for walking with a collar. Because there is a musketon on both sides, you can easily attach it to the collar.
The 3 rings on the belt also vary in length, allowing you to give more space to the dog and you can take it shorter if necessary.

  • Features of our dog leashes
  • The product is handmade
  • The leash is made of Italian nappa leather
  • The carabiner hook, produced from pure brass
  • The product has a handle
  • Various length and width measurements
  • Different adjustable leashes
  • Looks nice and looked after
  • Has a nice hand
  • Combine with a leather collar

Leather dog belt online

A leather dog leash should not only be functional but should also look nice. Finally, the eye wants some. DogsCompanion.com therefore teaches a collection of dog leashes and collars made of beautiful Italian nappa leather. The dog leashes are available in different colors and lengths. For each dog, a beautiful dog leash can be found.

Delivery time

Our leather dog leashes are all handmade. The non-stocked dog leashes can only be ordered at DogsCompanion.com. However, there is a delivery time of up to 28 days.
If your desired length or color does not appear on our site please let us know. We can then see if we can still get there.

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